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Are you ready to have some fun in east London? I tell you what, says Andy, I have dated escorts all over London, but I have always had the most fund with east London escorts. There are lots of excellent ans sexy escorts services all over London, but I have always found that the “true” London escorts are working as east London escorts. They sort of give you the original dating experience here in London, and that is hard to find these days. So many of the girls who work as escorts, do not seem to want to go that extra mile. That can’t be said for east London escorts, says Andy, they are always ready to have a good time.

Suzi from east London escorts

Suzi is one of those rare girls that you will find working as an escort in London. Her mom is from Japan, and her dad is English. She is probably one of the most exotic escorts, and prettiest girls, that I have ever dated. Suzi is an exciting combination between the East and the West, and that combination makes for some really exciting date. This young vixen can really show you what it is like to enjoy the company of a foreign beauty with the touch of English rose thrown in. I have enjoyed all of my dates with the amazing Suzi, and I often come back to her. She can pleasure me in many different ways…

Jacqui – a serious party girl

East London Escorts
Best East London Escorts

Jacqui has been working for east London escorts for the last six months, and she is a genuine English rose.She is a stunning looking girl and has long brown curly hair that falls seductively all over her shoulders. Jacqui is really hot all of the time, and always ready for new exciting adventures. She has never failed to disappoint me, and I know that she takes escorting seriously. If, you are that sort of gent who likes to be teased, and then pleased beyond belief, she is the girl for you. She can make you laugh with delight, and a few moments later, she can just drown you in her own pleasure. Naughty and nice could be the best way to describe Jacqui.

Sandra from east London escorts

This is another bit of hot stuff from my favorite east London escort agency. She has not been working there for a very long time, and my first date with her took me completely by surprise. My regular girl was busy today, but the girl on reception recommended Sandra. I have to admit that I am always a bit reluctant to date girls that I have not seen on the web site at least, but I was in need of some company, so I went ahead with the date. It was one of the most exciting dates that I had ever had at east London escorts, and I have seen Sandra many time since that day.

The truth is that I was exhausted for about 48 hours afterwards, but when I finally came around, I just knew that I had to see Sandra the following weekend. That I did, and it sort of knocked me out for the weekend again. I just about managed to struggle up for roast Sunday lunch down at my local, but believe, a date with the exciting Sandra is worth every moment of sweet exhaustion that I have feel after our dates. 

Neta – a hot bit of stuff

Neta is another hot bit of stuff from east London escorts. She is not the youngest girl at the agency, but I am pretty sure that she is the most experienced escort at the agency. We have had some really great times together, and I would recommend her to any gent who enjoys dating experienced escorts. She is lots of sexy fun to be with, and knows how to rock your boat. I usually meet her for drinks first of all, and then we go back to my place for some serious fun. Also, she does not charge a fortune, and if you would like to spend some time in the company of a cheap London escorts, she is the girl for you.

I have known Neta for quite a few years, and I still can’t figure out where she is from. She says that she is from Poland but her accent is totally different from the other girls at the east London escorts agency that I most frequently use. To be honest, she could well be from Poland as I find her did kinky, lots of Polish girls are really kinky.

Maggie from east London escorts

All the girls love a sailor, and this is how Maggie treats all over her dates. She is like a classic escort who knows how to show you a good time. Maggie is certainly from east London, and she can even hold a conversation in rhyming slang with you if you like. Is she hot? She is a real vixens, and all of the guys that she dates, say that they have a good time. Maggie has some really hot reviews, and I know that there are quite a few gents who travel in from London to have a good time with her.

If, you are new to dating escorts, Maggie is the best girl from east London escorts for you, and you should try to see if you can get a date with her. I know a lot of gents who prefer Maggie to any other escorts, and I also know that this girl has a heart of gold. She is a genuine East End sort of girl, and I love her to bits. 

I am very attached to all of the girls that I date in East London, and I have to say that I have no plans on giving them. Yes, I have been in long term relationships but it has not really worked out for me. Dating escorts is fun, and at the same time, I get the opportunity to enjoy my own life. I don’t have to worry about coming home to a missus that is going to nag me all of the time, just a much better way of life I think!